At the beggining of the project Say No there was a Mission Impossible challange from where came this poem out... Will this project Help me to connect With other people? Will this project, Hopely affect, My knowledge of english. Will I in this place, successfully face, And overcome my fears? Will I meet a new... Czytaj dalej →

Posters about addictions

During the last activities we were doing  posters about addictions. We could learn more about the most dangerous diseases of today´s world. We talked about this in small groups where we could best solve this problem. We got  to know that drugs are our biggest enemy against which it is easy to lose.

Say NO to addictions

Students from 5 different countries came to Vrchlabi,in  the Czech Republic for 9 days to create a place for discussions about the risks associated with alcohol,tobacco smoking and addiction to virtual drugs,and also to be taught how to be the active citizen in our society.   In this period, we learnt many things about addictions... Czytaj dalej →

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